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Lenore! OMG I’m so sorry. That sounds so hard. Have you tried talking to your counselor at school?? I bet they would help you. Or maybe even know what to say to Jace to get him some help? You totally got this. But make sure to think about yourself in all of this. You’re not living on the street like Jace, but your parents kinda suck, too. I bet someone at that center would listen and help you. I mean, it’s their job. I totally wish I could go with you, but I’m so far away.

Lenny! I am so proud of you. That could NOT have been easy. I can’t wait to hear how it went. What did your parents say? Have you talked to Jace? I bet if you went to one of these meeting this with him, he’d go. I can tell he likes you a lot. You can help support each other.


I’m worried about my new friend. Yeah, I’ve liked him for awhile, but since we started hanging out, I’m getting so worried about him. Jace showed me where his dad hit him when we were at the park. His dad was drunk and Jace just had enough and decided to leave. I guess it’s good for him to get away from his dad, but he’s living outside now! And asking for money just so he can get high again. I went by the place that he’s staying to try to get him to come to this Ala-teen meeting thing with me. I read about it online, when I was trying to find some place to get some help. But when I started telling Jace about it, he didn’t listen. Wouldn’t even take his headphones off. I’m so tired of people not listening. And I don’t know what to do for Jace. Living on the streets is dangerous. Especially if he continues to use. I just don’t know what to do….

Hey, Etsuko. I did it. I went and talked to the counselor, Ms. Mayfield. I was sooo nervous. My voice was shaking and I was trying hard not to cry. I told her that I was worried about my mom. I told her about Jace, too. But I didn’t use his name. I just told her I had a friend who needed help. She seemed like she knew already. I think she’s gonna to try to talk to him. Maybe he’ll listen to her. But she told me about Ala-teen, too. And this place called Dilworth center. They do these family meetings, that I think might help my parents. If they would listen. I’m still kinda scared of what my parents might say when they find out. But I also feel better. Like a big weight is off of my chest. I’m gonna go to this Ala-teen thing, see what it’s about. I wish you could be here, too.


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