A Season of Thanks

November 24th 2015 at 2:00pm View Comments


About a year and a half ago, Dilworth Center embarked on a number of projects. We started construction on our building with a goal of almost doubling the size, we began the process of becoming CARF accredited, and we implemented an Electronic Medical System for all of our paperwork and documentation. During this time, we experienced a lot of difficulty - having 5 or 6 desks in one office, having the power randomly turned off and our phones constantly down, and having no idea how to turn on an IPad, much less make it work. Today, all of these projects are not only complete, but they have made the capacity and capability of Dilworth Center much greater.

Maybe it’s the time of year with Thanksgiving around the corner, but looking back on the past year and a half, all I can think of is gratitude. I am so grateful for our amazing patients who were patient and light hearted about the construction and disorganization of the building. I am grateful for my coworkers who were required to be flexible, adjusting on a daily basis to new sounds and new holes in the walls while also learning a new system and continuing to be the best counselors and staff I have ever met. I am grateful for the crew who worked tirelessly on our building and made it look more beautiful than I could’ve imagined. And I am grateful to all of our stakeholders who donated time and money to make all three of the projects happen. I must say, it is pretty amazing the rewards we receive when we can find gratitude even in troubling times. Over the next week, communicate with your sponsor three things that you are grateful for daily and see how your outlook changes.


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