Collaboration with the Children’s Theater of Charlotte

Letters from Lenny

October 2nd 2017 at 2:00pm View Comments

One of the unique aspects of the treatment we provide at Dilworth Center is our family program. We have a profound understanding of how addiction impacts family members of all ages and we work to provide education and support for these loved ones on a weekly basis. For this reason, when the ABC Board connected us with the Children’s Theater of Charlotte last year and recommended that we assist them with their LIARS play, we were thrilled to help. LIARS is a production put on for all 8th graders in CMS schools about addiction. It is a powerful performance that chronicles the lives of 2 teens, Lenny and Jace, illustrating the biological aspect of addiction, as well as the codependent patterns that can exist within addicted families. In the play, Lenny lives in a household surrounded by addiction and has assumed a number of adult responsibilities (i.e. cleaning, cooking, and keeping family secrets). One way that Lenny finds relief and channels her dreams of traveling is through talking to a “pen pal,” Etsuko. The next blog post will show a conversation between Lenny and Etsuko, following Lenny as she bravely asks for help.


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